Posted on: July 18, 2009 11:54 am

Looking Ahead

I am stuck at work and jotting down a few random thoughts about the upcoming football season. As a Buckeye fan I can not help but be optimistic about the prospects of haveing a great season. This team is very young, but has a significant upgrade in speed and athletisism. We will miss the experience, leadership, and maturity of our seniors of a year ago. I just really hope THE Buckeyes can show up and prove the "experts" wrong and beat USC at the Shoe. I understand the USC reloads better than anyone, but they lost so much talent last year they can not possibly be better this year, can they? Terrell Pryor could be the second coming of Vince Young but with the speed of Pat White. If his throwing mechanics are as improved as everyone says they are this could be a special season. I still think he will make some mistakes that will cost us a game just because he is a true sophmore, but watch out in 2010 and 2011 if he stays in school that long. Our O-line should be significantly better this year. Our D-line will hold their own with anyone this year wich will help our young, athletic linebackers and secondary play well this year. We have more speed at RB, but no where near "Beanie's" ability. Season record 11-2 with a bowl win. Our Browns, I am not as optimistic. I hope Mangini can learn from his mistakes in NY and build our Browns into contenders. We seem to have upgraded O-line with Mack and the rest should be healthy again this year. We need to settle on one quarterback (hopefully Brady Quinn) and trade the other so that there is no QB-controversy. If James Davis can learn while under Jamal Lewis this year I believe he can be a very good RB in the NFL. Remember his o-line at clemson was one of the worst in the NCAA last year otherwise he would have had a much better stat line. We have a very good young core at WR and Braylon should have his head back in the game and play for his contract and play like he did in 2007. He is still a freakish WR. Our D will slowly get better as they learn thier new system. We have talent on defense it just needs to get organized and play together. Season Prediction: 7-9 just please beat Pittsburg in the Pound.
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